Deforestation Monument

laser cut and engraved woods, plant in glass bowl, 2014

Mostly, the deforestation would cause the rise of the carbon dioxide emission into atmosphere and the loss of species in environment. There are a lot of stumps left of the deforestation at the end. Before being cut down, the tree out of the stump once help human to filter the air and give animal a home to live. And now, to me, this stump looks lifeless, emptiness and it is no longer doing its duty. I felt depressed with such condition. Even though it is impossible to make it growing back to a tree in a short time, I hope that I could revive it in special method.

I would like to make a sculpture that could extend the vitality of the stump/the tree. Other than the making a sculpture, it would be more likely creating a device for the stump. With another air-cleaning plant inside of the device, it could extend the tree’s duty for reducing the carbon emission and producing oxygen. Also, it would help to fill out the emptiness of the beautifulness with its natural design. I have faith that this piece could give the nature some power to slow down the global warming and to make up its loss and wound from the man-made natural disaster that could not avoid.

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